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"Mary was amazing. I would not have accomplished what I did without her help during labor and delivery. My boyfriend said "hands down the best money he has spent". Mary literally talked me through every contraction and I do not know what I would have done without her help.. No joke. Definitely recommend all first time moms that are expecting to give PDC a call. I was so torn about having someone there to help, but couldn't be any happier that I decided to."


"Mary at Portland Doula Collaborative encapsulated my placenta after my second birth. I can't tell you how big of a difference it has made! Less than 2 weeks postpartum I have so much energy and feel almost fully healed. My placenta pills have helped tremendously as I adjust to being a mom of 2. I will definitely recommend this service to friends!"


Jess and Mary were both great from the start. Mary's "induction" massages were amazing and I am excited to go back for massages regularly. They listened on our initial tele visits and tuned in to the areas I had anxiety about and needed help. They were very patient with me leading up to labor and gave lots of helpful advice. Jess was so fast getting to the hospital when I said I was ready for her. Jess did not leave my side the entire duration of labor and delivery. I would not have made it through my VBAC without her coaching and reassurance. She was a Godsend. Jess and Mary are a great team and I am so glad I found them.



"As a first time mom I did not know what to expect from my doula. I just knew I wanted an impartial, non family member to be my advocate and help me through labor.


I could not have asked for more from PDC. Both Mary and Jen were so supportive throughout my pregnancy, answered all of my questions and knew how to help me to stay positive during the last few days of pregnancy. They even called to check to see how I was doing.

Mary's support during my labor was indescribable. She never made decisions for me but helped me talk through my own thoughts and made me feel empowered with every decision I had to make. She was also a great support for my husband. I would recommend PDC to anyone having a baby in the Portland area."


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