Postpartum Support Services

What is a postpartum doula?
A postpartum doula is a trained doula who helps the birthing person recover from the process of childbirth, and who helps the family adjust to caring for another person.  A postpartum doula is not strictly a baby nurse, but can be utilized in this manner if cleared by the doula and the family first.  

Why may I need the help of a postpartum doula?
Some families find they may need the help of a postpartum doula if the birthing person and baby are not adjusting well to being home. Remember, when you are in the hospital, you have access to 24 hour nursing staff, but the transition home can sometimes be challenging depending on your situation. Families who have used our help in the past include families with multiples, families with an infant with special needs or feeding issues, families who are adopting straight from a hospital setting, birthers who are giving infants up for adoption, parents who are not taking an infant home (due to loss), any familiy who feels they need support from a trained professional who has experience with infants and postpartum folks.

How is a postpartum doula different from a nanny?
Postpartum doulas are hired to assist the parent(s) in transitioning into their role as smoothly as possible. We are here to support the parent(s) in their journey by teaching how to care for the baby at home.  We also help to care for the birthing person after birth when they have been sent home. Some things that a postpartum doula helps with are listed above, but please keep in mind this list changes for each familiy depending on their specific needs.  (When in doubt, ask us if we can help!)

Postpartum Counseling and Birth Debriefing


We offer each of our clients one session with your doula to process their birthing experience. This session is included in the cost of your birthing package here, and additional visits can be added on afterward if needed.  

What Can Be Included In My Postpartum Visits?

  • One on one support and instruction on caring for the birthing person after childbirth

  • Lactation support and guidance

  • Infant care support and guidance

  • Babywearing tutorials

  • Integrative solutions for family stage transitions

  • Light cooking and cleaning

  • Support for partner/other household members to foster a loving, and peaceful parenting environment