Doulas and COVID-19

We have been asked numerous questions about the covid-19 virus and our roles as doulas changing in the past few days. While the current climate holds uncertainty with ever-changing hospital policy, protocols, and limitations on support people, Portland Doula Collaborative will continue to support our clients as best we can given the current climate. What will support look like moving forward? If you are asymptomatic and in labor, consider staying home longer, if you feel this is a safe option. This will allow your PDC doula to help you as long as possible. We will also accompany you to the hospital (traveling separately,) and into the labor and delivery unit. We will stay with you until you deliver, and initiate breastfeeding. These fundamental support principles will not change.

We will also be offering families additional prenatal visits to help prepare for any changes that hospitals are putting forth. These additional visits would be an amazing time to also teach partners more hands on techniques to support the birthing person in the event doula presence becomes limited in the future!

In addition to making these changes we are also offering virtual support to those in need, as well as additional postpartum care if warranted. If you have questions about our services and how a doula could help you during these times, please contact us today! We have openings for new clients, extra availability for existing clients, and are still performing in home care.

An amazing resource we have found comes from our certifying agency DONA, on the importance of allowing doulas to practice throughout this pandemic. You can learn more about that here.

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