Portland Doula Co Welcomes New Providers With A New Business Structure

We have always offered integrative care at PDC. We believe that a group practice offers clients more wisdom that they can use throughout the perinatal period. We often have the privilege of working with families who really want the support of one person in particular. We wanted to honor those families by giving further choice and option when hiring a Portland Doula Co doula as your birthing support specialist. In addition to having the ability to hire an experienced doula who will bring clarity, information, and empowering support to you care team, we also allow you to decline meeting ALL of our practitioners in our office if you find someone you absolutely LOVE and cannot birth without! How does this work?

Well when you hire an outside doula (any doula in the community in general,) you have the ability to meet with them (and only them,) for your prenatal support. If that doula practices with a backup doula, as most do, HOPEFULLY you will meet her too. This is not always the case though due to scheduling and life in general. This option works well for some families but not many.


Here at Portland Doula Co, we offer you TWO options in hiring your birthing support specialist.

1) You meet with one of our doulas, learn more about our awesome, integrative approach to supporting you where you are in the process, and where you are birthing (remember our coverage area is Bangor to Boston,) and decide to hire our office. THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR OPTION WE HAVE FOUND You then get to meet the other doulas in our office who are

a) available for your due date

b) serve the area that you are located in

and learn more about what skills and experience they have to bring to the table. You continue with PDC and have the option of customizing who you meet with. If you have a favorite doula who you meet throughout the course of your prenatal education and birth planning journey with us, LET US KNOW. She is then the doula who is with you during labor and delivery.

2) You request an interview online with whomever you choose and were referred to. (This happens most often with high risk birthing, or mommas who are expecting multiples and their doctor has referred them to a specific doula in our office with loads of experience with both of these populations.) You sign a contract with that doula in particular and only see that doula throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey. 1 doula for 1 family.


THE CHOICE IS YOURS! We want to continue to offer our group practice options, as they are the most popular, but want to give you the most flexibility. Our pricing does not change. All of our doulas offer services at the same rates. We all have different schedules. Some doulas will not be available for your due date and may ask that you see someone else in our practice whom they feel you would work well with. You always have the option to add in extra visits with any of our doulas as add on services if you feel your experience needs special population education and you want to hear more from one person. The experience here at Portland Doula Co is truly customizable to your needs.

You can check out our current providers here or by visiting our BIO page. We encourage you to book your initial visit with the doula who most interests you. If her schedule is full we will help work out these details!

Happy Birthing!

PDC Staff


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