Annual Spring Sale!!!

Every year here, we try to have 2 major sales on our services that help to support families postpartum. This spring we are offering 50% off our placenta encapsulation services in the hopes that more families will be able to utilize these great herbal medicine services. This brings the price of our placenta encapsulation services down to $150.00!!!!! We still pick up your placenta after you deliver and return it to you within 36-48 hours so you can enjoy the benefits of having more energy, less blood loss, and less hormonal fluctuation postpartum.

If you have questions about our process, want to learn more, or prepay for your placenta services to take advantage of this amazing deal please call us today! Make sure you mention our Spring Sale to get your 50% discount!

Remember, you do not need to be a client of ours already. We work with many families who utilize outside doula services, or forgo the use of a doula all together. Taking advantage of this promo only means you are saving money, and gaining a professional and experienced team of birthing individuals who will offer gentle support and advice, while nourishing your body, mind, and spirit!

Happy Birthing!


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