What are you doing with my placenta?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Placenta Pills

One of our most popular add on services here at PDC is placenta encapsulation. Many other area doulas perform this service as well, but we get our clients back their customized placenta pills within 48 hours! I know, I know.....awesome! In my opinion if you are going to encapsulate you really need to be able to partake in the amazing benefits of this service as soon as possible. We need the pills as soon after giving birth as we can get them!

So why would someone want to encapsulate their placenta? Well, despite research attempts and slews of mommas swearing by this age old custom, we really don't have sufficient clinical backing to say that this even works. Now, hold on!!! (This is really due to ethical practices within research facilities, and standards that all medical staff must uphold....no testing on pregnant and postpartum mommas.) So let's back up a bit then and outline what the benefits to ingesting your placenta may look like for you, shall we?

-more energy, less fatigue

-regaining blood supply which dips during labor and delivery

-slows down postpartum blood loss

-helps to regulate mood

-the body holds onto vital nutrients more easily and retains more moisture

These are just a few of the benefits. Here at PDC we also give our clients the opportunity to have an herbal consult and add in extra ingredients to their placenta preparation. These ingredients can help fight inflammation and fatigue, help with lactation and milk production, and give you an immunity boost after labor and delivery. Of course, we don't have to add anything at all too....this is up to you.

Raw Placenta Before Being Cleaned

We do not steam as a preparation method here as we feel too many nutrients are lost during that process. Instead we double bake, and dehydrate to provide a more balanced herbal cocktail! If you would like to learn more about how we carry out this process (in your own home, or in our sterile kitchen)....please contact us today! We accept clients into our practice for this service alone, meaning you do not need to have us as your doulas in order to have us encapsulate your placenta! We have had many happy customers and invite you to check out some of those reviews that are posted on our Facebook page.

Happy Encapsulating!

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