Baby + Chemicals = ER Visit

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of the nightmares that most parents are kept awake at night by....the dreaded ER visit! Why did we grace the halls of Maine Medical Center you may wonder? My youngest son, had a topical reaction to some soap that we had used. (Don't ask me to name names here because I'm not going to!)

We have always used baby friendly soap and cleansing products on all of our kiddos, including the bigger ones just to be safe. I understand the importance of a chem-free cleansing experience! I sell Arbonne products, which are free of harsh dyes, chemicals, and preservatives that are allowed in all of our products here in the US. If you are looking for an excellent introduction into the world of environmental disease and injury, watch the film Living Down Stream. (It's also a great book so feel free to turn those pages nerdy moms!)

Well, long story short, my son had a reaction to soap that took off multiple layers of the epidermis (skin) in his sensitive know what Im saying right? Ouch! I find it infuriating that we cannot monitor, or limit what goes into our beauty products!!!! What the hell! Not only do can we live without sodium laurel sulfate in on our skin, we could shut the f**k up and listen to the Europeans who strictly boycott these chemicals in all products. The products available to us here are not even on the market in know why? Because they send you to the ER! Why is the US not paying attention? (I have my theories, but we will save that for another BLOG post!)

From now on we will be sticking to our chem free products that are scrutinized by the Europeans....Arbonne. If you have gone through some type of experience like this, or want to learn more about what a chemical free life for your skin would look and feel like, give me call, drop me a note, check out my Arbonne Facebook page......I'm on a mission to save the skin!


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