Why Nap Time Is Non-Negotiable

With now 5 kids at home during the week, nap time is required. Im not the type of mom who is planning summer outings, craft projects, having endless playdates, or doing summer lesson plans with her kids. I do not decorate my children's plates with veggie caterpillars, or snowmen mashed potatoes. Ive come to grips with this realization over the past year or so with running a small business, attending milestones for other families, missing my own children's birthdays or outings, and just being tired! Does this make me a bad mom? No, it makes me pretty freakin' normal!

My children eat food from china plates staring at the age of 1. They know how to act at the table, feed themselves, have delicious and nutricious food daily. They practice "independent play" and understand the importance of taking time to relax throughout the day when they feel overwhelmed. We are spontaneous in our activities but not our routine....why? Because we now have 5 kids! I am one person, who if not given at least an hour to myself to read, fold laundry, or blog without having to listen to one more episode of paw patrol, or watch my special needs child dance around the living room to Imagine Dragons songs, will combust from stress!

Nap time is non-negotiable in our house because it allows me to actually get something done, or to just sit on my butt and do nothing...my choice! But the entire point here is that I actually have the choice, and so many times throughout raising little humans, our choice as parents is really taken from us.

If you currently do not have a time during the day where you can relax, or choose to do what you want as a parent, how do you cope with the many responsibilities of parent-hood without losing your shit?!? Inquiring minds would love to know!

Happy parents = happy children.

Food for thought!



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