Doulas Come In All Shapes & Sizes....And Ages Too!

We recently had the opportunity to have one of our doulas interviewed by Maine Women Magazine, for her accomplishments thus far in the field. Franci Bliss, even though new to the doula field, is drumming up buzz by being a very young and talented doula at that! Franci is now a high school senior, but when she started here with Portland Doula Collaborative she was a freshman. What were you doing when you were a freshman in high school? I can tell you, I was not watching mothers give birth, that is for sure! Her strength, and abilities have flourished with us thus far, and we cannot wait to see wha the future holds for Franci. You can check out the entire article published in the January edition here....

This just goes to show you that your doula may have years of experience. She may have children of her own, or have chosen to skip that journey in life. She may have a background in holistic health, or even traditional medicine.....or better yet may just like those topics. And now, your doula may still be in high school. Doula support comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. It should be unwavering, empowering, and completely tailored to your needs. If you are looking to learn more about becoming a doula, or are in need of doula support, please contact us today!

Mary, Jenny, Franci

Portland Doula Collaborative

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