While shopping for everyone else on your list today make sure you get something for yourself too! PDC is offering a 15% off discount today on all services that are bought and paid for in full before MIDNIGHT tonight! If you need help with the math....or are just a visual person

$1175 Labor & Delivery Packages are on sale today for $998.75

$85.00 Massages are on sale today for $72.25

$35.00 Pediatric Visits are on sale today for $29.75

$25.00 Prenatal Counseling and Birth Planning Sessions are on sale today for $21.25

Call us today to take advantage of these savings now!

(207) 632-1242

*To claim this deal, you must call our office, book and pay for services in full. No refunds will be given during this promotional period. All service packages on sale are provided by Mary Latendresse, LMT, CPMT, Doula only.

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