Healthy Sleep For Happy Families! With The Baby Sleep Geek

Portland Doula Collaborative has partnered with The Baby Sleep Geek to offer local professional birthworkers a workshop that will help them navigate the rough, choppy waters of infant sleep issues. When baby isn’t sleeping, no one is sleeping! Sleep deprivation is common and expected when you have a new baby but there are things you can to help your client’s whole family be better rested. Join Maine’s only certified infant and child sleep consultant to learn more about how much sleep children need, nap schedules, bedtime routines, creating a safe sleep space, and addressing common sleep problems. This class is for doulas, childcare providers, nannies, and other professionals caring for children up to 5 years old.

If you would like more information about this training, want to pre-register, or would like to learn more about Portland Doula Collaboraive or The Baby Sleep Geek please give us a shout!

April 9th 1-4pm

$75.00 per person (+ processing fee)

(207) 632-1242

Tickets Can Be Purchased Below

Event Tickets

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