Child Birthing Education On Your Schedule? Say What?.....

Don't get us wrong, we love the classes offered at local hospitals. The instructors are well versed, knowledgable, and engaging, and the information covered is needed! But the timing sometimes doesn't always work with families busy schedules. With these challenges in mind, we have created an alternative way to take your childbirthing education. We suggest taking your hospital based course if you choose, but also add in some form of independent childbirthing education like you find at Portland Doula Collaborative.

We make scheduling issues vanish by holding independent, private childbirthing education when you can make the appointment! Imagine that.... nights, weekends, the flexibility to come in twice in longer chunks of name it we can schedule it! These sessions are for you and your support team, (whoever that is...hubby, mother, other doula, sister, friend....) and are customized to encompass the areas that interest you the most.

Here are just a few of the topics that we can cover in these sessions...

Comforst Measures During Labor

The Role Of Support Staff

Massage & Accupressure For Labor & Delivery

Homeopathic Treatments For Mom & Partner

Navigating Medical Interventions

Pain Management Options

Strategies To Turn Breech Babies

Postpartum Baby Basics

Postpartum Depression Information

How To Birth Without A Doula

Breastfeeding Tips & Tricks

And Much, Much More........

So if you are expecting a new bundle of joy and are less than thrilled with your local childbirthing education options due to scheduling, give us a call to schedule your first 2 hour session today!

Happy Birthing

Jen, Mary & Gabby

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