Baby Wearing In Hot Weather!


Ever wonder how mommas in the southern states or tropical climates get along in the hot weather wearing their little ones? Clearly we are not dealing with these issues here in Maine as much as other states, but we do get temperature variations that make it difficult for some of us to wear our little bundles without breaking a sweat!

To make baby wearing a bit more managable in the hotter months follow these tips and visit us for more individualized carrier fittings and instruction every Monday from 10:30-11:30am-REMEBER ITS FREE!

1) Dress your child appropriately. Don't over layer in warm weather. Remember, depending on which type of carrier or wrap you are using, the wrap itself counts as a layer!

2) Dress yourself appropriately. Common sense I know, but really if the temperature is 75 and you are wearing a sweater, something tells me you wont last long wearing your little one on top of what you are already rockin'!

3) Choose a carrier or wrap with a lighter fabric or jersey content. Depending on the age and weight of your little one we like the BOBA for its jersey content making it breathable for our tiny itty bitty friends who can't face forward yet, and the ERGO performance edition for its ergonomical design and lightweight fabric construction.

*Of course there are oodles of other options out there and we can discuss those with you when you come in if needed.

4) Hydrate people....I know you know this. Let's move on....

5) Have realistic expectations of what you are trying to accomplish with your baby in tow, in the heat. If we are talking a relaxing beach trip, wonderful! Running around to do errands that you already do not have enough time for...not so much.

For more information on baby wearing strategies you can check out our weekly free group, Birth Roots, the local Maine Medical Center class taught by Mary, our wovens workshops held monthly, and more by visiting our website or calling our office for more information at (207) 632-1242

Enjoy the sunshine Maine Mommas!

Until Next Time....

Portland Doula Collaborative

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