Co-Sleeping vs. Bedsharing

Portland Doula Collaborative was recently asked to give an interview on Channel 8 news to talk about the recent increase in infant deaths in Maine. While this topic is never an exciting or happy one to address, we took the opportunity to talk about the safety measures that should be involved for all families who co-sleep or bed share with their infants and children. Surprisingly enough, the community leaders we spoke to had no idea these two were seperate often lumping both bed sharing and co-sleeping together!


Co-sleeping is a way for you to share all of the benefits associated with being closer to your baby while keeping them safely attached to your bed in their own space. Co-sleepers can be purchased used as well to help save money as long as all of the components are present during setup that would be there if purchased brand new. Co-sleeping allows mom to wake when baby wakes and move the infant safely into her bed for nursing. Once baby is done nursing, we move the infant back into the co-sleeper for safe and restful sleep.

Bed Sharing

Bed sharing is a form of co-sleeping where you keep your infant in bed with you to sleep and nurse. Most reports we hear from the media and different medical agencies warn against co-sleeping but hey are speaking about bed-sharing as the risk for asphyxiation increases significantly. There are ways to safely bed-share with your infant.

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