Babywearing 101

Ever wondered why everyone is so excited about babywearing? What are the benefits? Well we set out to ask some questions about the history of babywearing to set the record straight! Here is what we found out.


Babywearing dates back centuries where families practiced the art of wearing their children to keep them safe, while still being able to take care of other household tasks. (Mostly Mommas here....)

Wearing your little one provides multiple benefits, our favorite ones are listed below...

  • Allows your infant to feel safe and remain close to you as much as possible. Babies need to be held. This is how they form attachments and bonds with their parents. They more you can hold your little one the better off they will adjust.

  • Holding your baby upright in a soft or structured wrap or carrier will help alleviate reflux and gas if your little one is battling these issues.

  • Getting around carrying your little one is way easier than carting around your infant carseat, child, stroller, diaper bag, and whatever else you need to bring along fr the journey.

  • When worn correctly a wrap or carrier can actaully support your posture. Of course a fitting performed by a trained ergonomics practitioner is needed to make sure you are using the correct wrap for your body type, and that the wrap or carrier is not causing more harm than good.

  • Your baby is more easily soothed while being worn as they feel safe and protected. It is also easy to rock, sway, or bounce your little one while in a carrier, which makes for easier transitions between play and bed times.


We know that babywearing is safe but found that many people still have hesitations the first time they put their child into a carrier. We suggest finding an individual practitioner or class that meets where you can try out different carriers before buying them. This way you can have your questions answered, get fitted for a wrap or carrier that will meet your needs while supporting you posturally, and become more comfortable with the concept.

We offer one on one wrap fitting sessions in our office by appointment with postural analysis, AND we have a FREE babywearing group that meets weekly to go over the specifics, do's and don'ts, and answers questions on fit. Our class is every MONDAY from 10:30-11:30am and is a DROP IN CLASS.

Of course if you have questions that cannot wait until the class we encourage you to contact us to set up an appointment with Mary.

Happy Babywearing!

Portland Doula Collaborative

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