Private Child Birthing Education

Child birthing education is an extremely important part of becoming a parent. Many families choose to participate in specific classes that outline infant care techniques, support for mom throughout labor, and different birthing care options. Most area hospitals and birthing facilitites will offer their own version of child birthing education classes that detail how they would like you to birth within their facility.

Many families are now choosing to participate in child birthing classes that are not taught at large in patient facilities because they want a wider range of topics covered to help them support each other through this process.

As doulas, we always recommend independnet child birthing education classes to the families who contact us for this very same reason!

If you are looking into child birthing education classes for your busy schedule that are comprehensive and will cover topics that are helpful and informative, call our office today to set up a private child birthing consultation with one of our doulas at (207) 632-1242.


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