Can You Afford A Doula?

Suze Orman thinks so! In a recent segment she did, Suze was asked if hiring a doula was ok by a caller. We love her recommendation stating that a doula is a necessity not an optional service. You can check out her full length segment here by clicking the link below....


Please keep in mind that a doula can help you not only through labor and deliver, but also with postpartum care. Here at Portland Doula Collaborative we offer mulitple pricing options to make finding a doula that fits your bidget easier! We also offer GUARANTEED support for the birth of your little one making choosing an affordable and reliable childbirthing support person a no brainer!

If you have questions about our pricing, sliding fee scale availability, what is including in each of our birthing packages, or how you can obtan free care in the southern and central Maine area please feel free to call us today at (207) 632-1242.

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