Portland Pediatric Massage Joins Portland Doula Collaborative Under One Roof!


Portland Doula Collaborative is excited to announce the addition of Portland Pediatric Massage Therapy to our practice. Portland pediatric mt offers classes and one on one sessions for families struggling with medically fragile infants and toddlers. Classes are taught at local studios and hospital mothering groups to help educate parents on how to incorporate the healing power of touch into their children's daily routines.

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What is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist? A certified pediatric massage therapist is a practitioner who has had advanced training in the field of pediatrics and who is able to offer treatments that are tailored to a child's specific needs including manual soft tissue manipulation (massage), tactile stimulation when needed (for children with sensory deficits), and parent/child education on how to continue treatments at home if needed. CPMTs have special training in assisting children of all ages to achieve a more consistent state of balance. This may include:

  • improving weight gain in infants

  • reducing muscle pain in school aged children involved in sports

  • improving digestion (this is great for the kiddos potty training!!!)

  • reducing gas and fussiness for your baby

  • reducing growing pains associated with growth sports

  • improving mood and behavior

  • improving sleep patterns

  • reducing stress and anxiety


For critically ill children, massage can provide hands on nurturing touch that many medical facilities cannot. Some of these children are constantly monitored with medical equipment and have multiple needle sticks, which is not only uncomfortable, but scary. Studies have shown that these children benefit immensely from nurturing touch to help facilitate healing, and reduce stress regarding upcoming medical procedures. Please call Mary if you have a child who has been admitted to an area hospital and would like more information on the services she can integrate into their medical treatment plan. Mary works closely with physicians to ensure the best care possible is attained for your child.

If you are looking for more information on infant massage techniques, clinical research supporting the use of massage for children and infants, or have questions, please contact our office and speak with Mary today!

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