Massage Therapy For Every Age

Massage therapy has many proven benefits, different for each age group.  Increasing circulation, flushing out toxins, regulating blood sugars and blood pressures, alleviating physical discomfort, and helping to decrease anxiety/depression , and hormone regulation.  What a certified prenatal and pediatric therapist with deep tissue expertise can do is even greater!  Our LMTs our trained to go above and beyond the basics of massage to offer therapeutic visits with consultation that is proven useful in management of painful symptoms.  We have extra experience with the following areas:

-Pregnancy Related Symptoms (Pelvic Dysfunction)

-Breech Presentation

-Postural Analysis For Athletes

-Pelvic Strain for Athletes

-Terminal Illness Throughout All Ages

-Care for caregivers

-Aspergers, Autism Spectrum Disorders

-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

-Cranial Sacral Therapy for Headaches, Vestibular Disorders, Full Body Balancing

We have 2 locations and are available for mobile treatments as well!  Please call us with questions.

~     Pediatric Massage Therapy     ~


Pediatric massage therapy has been clinically proven to help effectively treat and manage symptoms our little ones battle when growing.  Some of these include teething, regulation of sleep and feeding cycles during infancy, bowel and bladder issues including colic (gas) and constipation, earaches, and mood regulation.  A trained and licensed massage therapist with additional pediatrics training can help you learn holistically minded ways to ease the transition through growth stages for both your baby/toddler, and yourself.  Our massage therapist has been practicing for fifteen years and holds additional pediatrics training to help you and your baby learn techniques that will create a soothing experience.  

Infant Massage


Infant massage techniques and routines taught by Mary focus on regulating bowel movements through infant tummy massage and age appropriate reflexology.  Mary incorporates many different techniques to create a customized routine that will soothe your little one while introducing therapeutic touch.  Her routines are easy to follow, and best of all, show results immediately, especially for constipated infants and toddlers.  Mary teaches infant massage classes at Maine Medical Center and local yoga studios upon request.  She also teaches small group classes in our Portland office.  If interested in learning more about our next upcoming infant massage class please contact our office at (207) 245-0153.

Pediatric Massage For Special Populations


Pediatric Massage can also help specialized populations including autistic populations, children suffering from sensory processing disorders and mood/temper regulation, children lacking self-soothing techniques, and terminally ill children.  In these instances, pediatric massage can actually fill the gap for these children by helping them self soothe, self regulate behavior, and calm the mind and body with low grade tactile and sensory realignment.  Mary teaches a specialized pediatric workshop once per month that focuses on issues stemming from mood regulation and sensory dysfunction.  Mary also teaches special techniques on how to alleviate headaches, earaches, growing pains, teething pain, and sleep regulation without the use of pharmaceuticals for children under the age of 5.  Please contact us for more information on our next massage based workshop covering these topics.

Pediatric Hospice And Tactile Support


Hospice, or end of life care, is difficult enough at any age.  Mary works extremely hard to make the time you and your loved one have a more loving, and nurturing time to celebrate life in a supportive environment.  Mary specializes in pediatric hospice for terminally ill children and their families.  Please contact her directly with all hospice inquiries including postpartum doula work for families wishing to have bereavement care.  ALL PEDIATRIC HOSPICE PATIENTS ARE TAKEN ON BY PORTLAND DOULA COLLABORATIVE AT NO COST TO THE FAMILY.  All care is 100% donated by qualified and caring practitioners who are passionate about creating lasting memories that will help facilitate the healing process.  

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